Code Optimization

Bugs Affecting Your Operations?

What often happens is that programmers come and go and only work on a small section of your code base.  They may not fully understand all the intricate connections between different services. They just want to get their job done quickly and by the time they're gone, you're left with a trail of bugs.  Often times, less experienced programmers are hired to save money and they don't use good programming practices, such as commenting their code, closing out database connections or releasing memory.

Inefficient code and errors start to accumulate over time and eat away at your server resources.  Your application starts to throw errors or goes down completely for some unknown reason. These types of distractions can really derail your focus on your core business.  You want an error free application and you want it to stay that way.

We'll Take on the Challenge

Most programmers dread sifting through someone else's code, but our experienced senior developers enjoy the challenge.

Code Optimization Process

  • Analyze service interactions
  • Discover and eliminate inefficient code
  • Clean up and document work flow
  • Develop programming standards
  • Review findings with client

Clean and Efficient Code

Once we have completed the optimization process, we will provide your development team with a programming standards document that they can use as a guide for future development. We'll review our findings with your programmers so that they understand best practices to use, ensuring that your code base stays bug free. With clean, efficient, commented code, it will be much easier to modify and debug your application moving forward.

We specialize in PHP and .Net code optimizations.  Get started today by requesting a free quote on code optimization services.

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