Performance Tuning

Four Servers for the Price of One?

That's right, performance tuning your servers can easily increase your capacity by a factor of four or more. You should always performance tune and optimize your existing infrastructure before adding additional capacity.  Otherwise, you're just multiplying inefficiencies as your company grows.  For significant long term savings in overhead, optimize first, then expand.  Our expert performance tuners can uncover inefficiencies and implement optimization techniques that will improve your capacity dramatically.

Optimization Targets

  • Web Server
  • Operating System
  • Database configuration
  • SQL Queries
  • Application Code

How much traffic can you handle?

The standard configuration of your server's software is not designed to handle heavy traffic loads efficiently.  In order to get the most out of your servers, you need to optimize.  Knowing how much traffic your infrastructure can handle is invaluable in capacity planning.  In order to know your capacity, you need to stress test and measure performance.

Infrastructure Capacity Report

As our optimization concludes, we will prepare an Infrastructure Capacity Report.  This report will provide you with before and after performance measurements, so that you can see for yourself, how much capacity you've gained. Our report includes easy to understand charts and data that will show the capacity limits of your optimized infrastructure.  We'll review the report with you and discuss future growth, so that you'll know exactly when and how much you should increase capacity as your website traffic increases.

Get started today with a free quote on performance tuning your infrastructure.

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