Server Monitoring and Notification

Is Your Website Up and Running?

How do you know when your website goes down?  Is it down frequently? Would you know if it was down right now?  It's sad to say, but many websites are down several hours per month and management are completely unaware.  Often times they are alerted to the problem only by a thoughtful customer or even worse, the boss.  That's definitely not an effective way to monitor your most valuable asset.

A common misconception is that your hosting company monitors your website... Unfortunately, this is rarely the case.  Managers often assume that their IT department is monitoring their Web servers.  Typically, webmaster perform only basic monitoring if any at all.  Basic monitoring it is often inadequate to detect if your site is inaccessible from the Internet or if an error message is showing or database connection is down.

Cost of Downtime

  • Loss of Customers
  • Disruption of Ad Campaigns
  • Loss of Sales
  • Tarnished Brand Image

Be the first to know if there's a problem...

There are several types of monitoring for your website.  At a bare minimum, you should use external server monitoring.  External servers monitor your website from different geographical locations around the world to ensure that you are not experiencing regional network issues.  Internal monitoring audits your internal server resources so that you can become aware of load related issues before they occur.  Application level monitoring allows you to discover when your site begins to run slow or display an error code. We combine the different types of monitoring together so that you'll be the first to know if there is a hardware failure, system resource overload, code error or database connection problem.


For basic external server monitoring we recommend you use will monitor your website from several different locations around the world for just a few dollars a month. You can sign up for a free trial here.  For a customized all inclusive monitoring and notification solution, contact us to get a free quote.

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